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Wild Rhino | Vietnam Be My Hero Campaign

Wilderness Foundation Africa and is part of a multifaceted approach to the rhino poaching crisis in South Africa. The campaign aims to educate consumers of rhino horn in Vietnam on the realities of the situation to affect attitudes, change behavior, and ultimately stop using rhino horns. With this in mind, Wild Rhino uses multimedia marketing channels, competitions, seminars and exhibitions to inspire young Vietnamese students of all ages as well as businesspeople to join hands and stop the demand for rhino horn. 

Wild Rhino’s educational activities with students specifically recognizes them  as the next generation of Vietnamese leaders, and therefore empowers them to directly end the use of rhino horn in their country. The campaign hopes to motivate these young people to become true ambassadors for the cause (known as Rhino Heroes) - bringing the campaign to life and dismantling the myths and false beliefs that surround the use of rhino horn products. In addition to this, the campaign also partners with different businesses to help raise the awareness of the issue in Vietnam and encourage current leaders to join the movement of ending rhino horn consumption through activities  such as seminars and exhibitions. 

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