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Green Forest

The Green Festivals

​Exploring green film festivals around the world


The CinemAmbiente Festival was founded in 1998 in Turin to present the best international environmental films and documentaries and contribute to promoting cinema and ecological culture, with several activities throughout the year. The Festival is a key date on the international calendar of environmental film festivals. Each year about 100 films are presented in various sections: International and National Competition, Special Events, and CinemAmbiente Junior addressed especially to young people. The Festival’s vast program includes debates, meeting with the authors, exhibitions, book presentations, stage performances, concerts, and other events in Turin and beyond. CinemAmbiente is 100% eco-compatible. The Festival is a zero emission event: the CO2 produced is compensated by the Asja-CO2 protocol. The Festival is also plastic free since only recycled, ecolabeled, and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified products are used.

The Trento Film Festival is the longest-running international film festival dedicated to mountains, exploration and adventures. Founded in 1952, it is increasingly focusing on the impact of climate change on fragile ecosystems such as mountains and glaciers.


SUNCINE, formerly known as FICMA, was first held in 1993 and is positioned as the oldest Environmental Film Festival in the world; it is a reference in its genre. SUNCINE is a multi-screen festival (in-person, online and televised). Its primary objective is to promote, disseminate and publicize environmental audiovisual works to raise awareness about the state of the environment, biodiversity and the planet’s sustainability.

Ecozine Film Festival Zaragoza was born in 2008, and it was born with the main objective of giving visibility to audiovisual productions focused on socio-environmental problems. We believe in cinema as an effective tool to inform and raise awareness about the environment, supporting transformative actions for the planet. Throughout all these years,
Ecozine has joined various festival organizations as Green Film Network, of which Ecozine is a founding member, was founded in 2013, the largest network of festivals focused on socio-environmental issues in the world. Three years ago, Ecozine joined the Youth Cinema Network, a network that values ​​audiovisuals produced by schoolchildren and schools and a global network of youth film festivals, film and media educators and organizations.


The Canary Islands International Environmental Film Festival emerges in an ideological context which stems from the relationship between the human being and the environment where the former develops their survival strategies.
This festival takes up the baton from that festival which in the 1980s in Puerto de la Cruz first included contents of environmental awareness and which now wishes to fully blend with a contemporaneous gaze in a useful provocative manner.
The environmental issue has no doubt become one of the most fascinating and necessary discussions in the early 21st century. FICMEC tries to stress the idea of "sensitivity for nature" , so commonly found in current thought, and make people aware of the importance of ecology and the actions of human beings on the environment. FICMEC. Since 1982 being green, being film.

AWFF is a Madrid-based environmental festival with international outreach whose aim is “to promote, showcase, reward audiovisual works of fiction, animation, experimental and documentaries on the subject of sustainable progress.” The focal point of the AWFF is its cinematographic programming. However, as in the past, there will be parallel activities with artistic, cultural and social values. Thus, the Film Festival is actually multifaceted and as such it’s open to new audiences, encouraging citizens’ participation and their commitment to a tenable environment.

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